lactose intolerant乳糖不適症


higher velocity bullet can cause the plastic pistol to explode高速子彈會導致塑膠槍爆炸


C.A.M phosphor鑭鋁鈣磷光劑

ultraviolet light 紫外線

It's what it's 世事無常

Every great thinker has process.每位偉大的智者都有自己的習慣

P v.s. NP 計算機完成一任務的速度到底有多快

it's math's great white whale數學界難攀越的高峰



backgammon board西洋雙陸棋棋盤(15子棋)

...with the firm conviction that romantic love is a delusion. It's a futile hedge against the existential terror that is our own singularity.那是一種對生存恐懼的徒勞躲避,是我們自己的奇異之處

It's all to do with establishing trust and eye contact.(關於行竊)你要做的就是建立信任和眼神接觸

Millard Fillmore美國第13任總統,對奴隸採妥協態度

I dug into it on my own我自己琢磨出來的

let the matter lie順其自然

Holmes:...is it possible to truly know another person? is it even a worthwhile pursuit...I find my diversions as I always do . But the days are long in this gray place


talcum powder爽身粉

latex garment乳膠衣

methemoglobinemia高鐵血紅蛋白症(his blood cells stopped holding oxygen a sign of nitroglycerin overdose)

nitroglycerin(硝酸甘油) is prescribed for heart problems. 硝酸甘油極易燃燒發出烈焰

Double jeopardy protected her from a second一罪不二審


nothing so mundane as love沒有愛情那麼世俗



we just clicked.一拍即合

a wild goose chase白費力氣尋找



I can't run point on this case. 不能接手這個案子


You don't tend to shed much light on your private affairs. 你將不能保有太多的隱私生活

rap sheet 前科檔案

He rolled on you.他把你供出來了

They very smallest gesture can speak volumes很小的舉動都可能意義非凡

I put you in second position for too long and you deserve better, so I'm gonna work to give it to you .

I'm not gonna throw in the towel.................我想努力對你更好不會就這麼放棄



a syringe full of concentrated potassium 裝滿高濃度的鉀離子注射器(會導致心臟驟停,常用在死刑)

one good turn deserves another善有善報






Jane Doe/ Miss Doe無名氏小姐

a kept woman被包養了

in layman's term用外行人說法

ritualization-slash-fetishization of eating is as egregious a waste of time as I can think of 將飲食儀式化或戀物化對我來說是時間上的巨大浪費 

 a dumb luck純屬巧合

The chips will fall as they may.該發生的總是要發生的



You're barking up the wrong tree查錯人了

What alter ego did you adopt你究竟抱著什麼心態

yank your chain 耍你

a burner phone一次性手機

an anonymous tipster匿名線人

issued the warrant 發搜查令

to thine own self要做真實的自己


 I got to throw a flag on the play容許我提出異議

At the head of all understanding is realizing what is and what cannot be and the consoling of what is not in our power to change理解的前提是意識到什麼是以及什麼不是我們能改變的事(First expressed by the 11th century poet Solomon Ben Judah出自11世紀詩人所羅門本猶大)

viatical settlement 離世保險(a repugnant, predatory arrangement whereby a terminally ill patient signs away their future life insurance payment in exchange for a monthly cash advance不治之症者向第三方以低於到期收益價出售人壽保險單以便活著時享用的安排)

Yorkshire pudding約克郡布丁(像麵包多於布丁,味道帶鹹,呈咖啡杯的形狀,中間凹陷及綿軟,外圍則香脆。由於約克郡布丁易於吸收肉汁,因此與烤牛肉一起食用。)

Q: Why do we get to be above the rules?

A:Cause our methods work and I'm comfortable that our actions are guided by a morality which supersedes any clumsy employee manual. The danger with rulebooks is that they offer the illusion that leading a moral life is a simple undertaking that the world exists in black and white welcome to the grays.


信件(Holmes to Moriarty):We' ve spilled much ink, you and I in our discussion of human conncetion and we're no closer to understanding than we were when the correspondence bigan....但自我們通信開始卻從未增進共識

I often feel as if I'm standing on one side of a wide chasm站在大峽谷的一邊

shouting across and wonderinf if the response I hear comes from you 思考我所聽見的回覆是來自於你

or if it is my own voice echoing back to me還是自己的回聲

It seems to me, on my side of the canyon that search for unity with another is the font of much of the world's unhappiness尋求他人相伴似乎是這個世界大部分不幸的根源

I watch as Watson , eager as ever to extract some meaning from the prevailing social conventions endures a series of curated mating rituals我眼見華生一如既往可望從普遍的社會習俗裡找出其中意義


It seems to me that she' incrementally less content each time she returns from one在我看來每次相親歸來她的不滿反而遞增

I conduct myself as though I'm above matters of the heart 我把自己定位為雖然超脫世俗感情

chiefly because I have seen them corrode people I respect主要因為我曾親眼見證它毀了我所尊敬的人

But in my candid moments但在我真性流露的時刻

I sometimes wonder if I take the stance I do because love我有時會思考自己這麼想是否因為愛

for lack of a better word is a gmae I fail to understand 鑑於我找不到更貼切的詞彙是一場我無法理解的遊戲

and so I opt not to play所以我選擇全身而退

After all, if I truly had the purity of all my convictions如果我當真如此純粹

I wouldn't regret so many of the things I've done.我便不會為這麼多自己的所作所為而後悔

Nor would I persist against so many of my better instincts違背自己許多名汁更好的直覺

in this correspondence I find you a challenge

and that, in spite of all that you've done, continues to stiumlate一個儘管罪行累累卻能刺激我的挑戰

And so the conversation, futile though it may finally be.所以這番話就算最後可能是一場徒勞仍在繼續

continues, and we are left to wonder:

have we simply failed to find the answers to the question that preoccupy us我們共同思索只是我們無法照到迷惑我們的問題的答案

or can they not be answered at all還是他們根本無解

Fortunately for both of us, the world always presents the next diversion這世界自會把縈繞其中的問題推向下一個

the next elaborate distraction from the problems that vex轉折,下一個錯縱複雜的轉變


Robert-Baden-Powell : Founder of the Scout Movement and lieutenant, General in the British Army in the early 1900s. He concocted a means of concealing messages in entomological drawings of leaves and butterflies發明昆蟲圖中藏信息的方法

Ave Maria Cipher聖母頌密碼

a fig leaf幌子

hang in the balance命懸一線

All's well that ends well結果好一切都好

Moriarty said:The world's corruption runs deeper than even you know世上腐敗超出想像  I find them influencing my decisions in the most surprising ways. It would have been the expedient thing. And yet, to you, it would have been repugnant. Tell me, is that how you learnd to be one of them. By learing to care how your actions seemed in the eyes of another

Holmes said: I'm not sure  I'm one of them. 



end up on the occasional goose chase竹籃打水一場空

button men爪牙

That's our cue.該撤了

a mole內鬼

Deep Throat如深喉般不入流的含糊不清的告密。水門事件中向華盛頓郵報透露幕後信息的祕密線人的代號

a bolt from the blue飛來橫禍

a washed-up gangster金盆洗手

racketeering 敲詐嘞索案

Rosetta Stone解密

a Mob's plant黑幫的內線

via subterfuge光靠一張嘴







MI Various英國密情局

MSS 中國國安局

GRS 俄國安全局

sui generis (義大利文)自成一格 獨一無二

Herr Yoder 劇中人名 福爾摩斯認為音似"Yodel" (約德爾),一種流行於瑞士山民間的民歌

Ficus Benjamina(垂葉榕):popular choice in decorative, office greenery, thrives even when neglected, an agressive grower, it'll strain the limits of any container

Coffin fly pupa(棺蠅蛹):it takes at least 8 days for a fly to go from an egg to a pupa

Auf Wiedersehen (德文)永別




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